Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making Space


I’ve been exploring space the past few weeks and it has been wonderful. Not the “outer space” astronauts travel through, not the “final frontier” of Star Trek fame, but an inner receptacle of expansiveness, abundance and possibility, of quiet optimism and contentment. It’s a welcoming place where I create the life I want from the life I have. Care to join me? Ready to create some space of your own?

There are things—possessions, feelings, behaviors, relationships, positions—we say we want more of. And yet our “containers”—our time, energy and attention, our houses, our bodies, minds and spirits—are already filled up with other “stuff.” Where is the room to put that thing we long for?

The first step, I think, is to let something go before trying to add anything new, even if the two seem unrelated. For a long time I have wanted to exercise more regularly. When I do, I feel better and am happier and more productive. I kept trying to squeeze exercise into my life, which only worked for a little while and aggravated my sense of there not being enough time, energy or willpower to be the person I know I can be.

One thing I did recently was to stop compulsively checking my e-mail many times a day. Now I budget up to 30 minutes twice a day to see what’s there and reply as needed. My stress level has gone down with the backlog in my inbox. I feel more focused and on top of things; I’m managing my time better and experiencing inner prosperity. One result: I am taking a walk and/or getting on the yoga mat almost every day, further increasing my sense of well being and accomplishment.

Here are some others:

I let go of:
feeling tense and impatient while waiting in line or at a traffic light,

making room for:
noticing the other people also waiting; the play of shadow, light, shapes and colors; trees dancing in the wind, etc.,

with the result that I:
feel calmer and more connected.

I let go of: listening to the news while having breakfast,
making room for:
inner stillness and an opportunity to notice how I’m feeling,

with the result that I:
have a greater sense of clarity and gratitude for the blessings of this life.

I let go of: the stack of old magazines and library books waiting to be read,
making room for:
an opportunity to focus on what is most important,

with the result that I:
am less distracted, have less energy drain from unfinished business, and inhabit a more productive, healthier house and workspace.

I let go of: folding laundry, working at the computer, washing dishes, etc., when I’m on the phone,
making room for:
not having my attention fragmented,

with the result that I:
am more relaxed and fully present to the people I care about.

You get the picture. What do you want more of? Peace? Love? Joy? Energy? Health? Money? Satisfaction? What are you holding on to instead? Are you willing to settle for that?

Practice invitation:

Maybe space is not empty. Maybe it’s a field of unlimited potential waiting for you to step into it and create the life you yearn for. Identify the second-rate or no longer useful behaviors, emotions, attitudes, beliefs, objects and relationships that are cluttering up your life—no matter how seemingly insignificant or benign—and discard them. See what wonders arrive to take their places. Don’t waste another moment of your precious life.

I would love to hear about your “space adventures.” Drop me a line or join us on Saturday, September 19, for our next practice group session (details below).

Wild Life
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Saturday, September 19, 2009 • 1:00–3:00 PM

12 Von Ruck Court,
downtown Asheville
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There is no charge to join the group. We do ask for a voluntary contribution when you attend a meeting to help cover our costs.

Wishing you the best,

Gene Smith

Life & Wellness Coach

Life Turned On™


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